Anna Andreadi

Anna Andreadi grew up in Greece, in the city of Thessaloniki. She graduated from the International School of Zurich and shortly afterwards moved to Athens.

Her first works were experimental artistic applications, mixed techniques of clay, metal, plaster and wood. Nowadays, Anna Andreadi uses bronze, iron and aluminum as main materials for her creations. Her inspirational themes revolve mainly around human forms and are concerned with little, everyday goals of balance and harmony between opposed, controversial things in nature and in principle.

Her creations can be found in private collections in Greece, Cyprus, the UK, Belgium, Italy, the USA, Australia and Japan. She has designed and produced awards for sporting events, theater and cinema awards ceremonies, as well as gifts offered to political and social personages. Many prominent companies have entrusted her with the design and production of special business gifts.

In Greece, she cooperates with art galleries and art shops of high standards. In Thessaloniki she works exclusively with LOLA's Art Shop.

Clay Works

Evagelia Mplidjiou and Dinos Christofilis

Seeking simplicity and frugality in the current lifestyle urges me to create plain forms that depict human figures. These are characterized by plain tender sculpturing and carving.

Free form facial characteristics, gangling, but with body expression. Each one is special inner chase. Unique like each one of us. all of them share the same soft caress, love and tenderness.

Their plain lines and their bright colors express romance and at the same time, a possible melancholy and an expectation that resists our daily routine.

My escort in this journey is my life companion Dinos Christofilis. There are times our roads are parallel and other times they cross, but they remain uphill and this is where we find the true magic of creation. Each one of our creation is a small victory against time.

In Thessaloniki she works exclusively with LOLA’s Art Shop.


George Sepetzoglou

George Sepetzoglou was born in Athens. He finished his studies in Design and Decorative Arts in the school of Doxiades, where his professors were Mitaras, Georgiades and Lomverdos.

Later, in Paris, he found further artistic inspiration before he returned to Greece where he worked in several major interior design studios before establishing his own business.

Between most important the house of Zοlotas La Chrysotèque for which George Sepetzoglou has exclusively made art items, mini-sculptures, the Athens Cinema Festival (Opening Nights) and also the Francophone Cinema Festival awards.

Also Initiative Media, Microsoft, Broker Systems, Pin, Elkart (Papastratos, Marlboro, BP, Notos Gallery), Coca Cola, Eleftherios Venizeros Airport, The Greek Parliament, The Benaki Museum.

Sculptured forms and symbols, items for everyday use.

Images and dreams that George Sepetzoglou has created and formed with clay. Cast in bronze or aluminium. Tinted bronze, corroded iron, ceramic touches ... forgotted art, withstanding time. Certain collections are permanently or periodically exhibited and sold in galleries, cultural institutions and the gift-shops of museums in Athens.

In Thessaloniki, he works exclusively with LOLA’s Art Shop.


Yanni Souvatzoglou

Yanni Souvatzoglou, Greek from abroad (Constantinople) and son of a cotton merchant, he inherited his talent from his mother, a portrait painter.

Yanni Souvatzoglou experimented from a very young age on fabric paintings, moved into graphic design where he was introduced to industrial photographic reproductions developing almost three dimentional images.

His skill graphic arts served as a platform for his sculptural structures. At the same time Yanni attends art studies in Athens under the supervision of Prof. P. Tetsis.

Influenced mainly from the Minoan and Cycladic era, he manages often to evoke those images in his concepts.

Since 1980 he maintains an atelier for multiple techniques and art applications however he has not abandoned commercial however he has not abandoned commercial design many corporation have trusted his creative imagination with various manifestation. His art is collected worldwide. He has enjoyed major shows and been awarded prizes for several pieces of his work and many galleries across the world sell his art. with various manifestation. His art is collected worldwide.

He has enjoyed major shows and been awarded prizes for several pieces of his work and many galleries across the world sell his art.

In Thessaloniki, he works exclusively with LOLA’s Art Shop.


Anastasia Tsilipakou

Anastasia Tsilipakou was born, raised and lives in Thessaloniki with her family. She studied economics. She and her husband run a jewelry trading business. Her love for the uniqueness of handmade jewelry, led her in 2007 to the YMCA, completing all the courses. She kept up with specialized courses in private areas of the city. She uses silver, bronze, copper and alpaca, sometimes combined with semi-precious stones.

She has participated in many group exhibitions. She is a founding member of the art group of handmade jewelry "TECHNOMAGEIRES."

In Thessaloniki she has an exclusive partnership with LOLA's Art Shop.


Maria Ioannidou

Maria Ioannidou born in Thessaloniki, where she lives and works in the family business in the jewelery sector.

She studied "construction handmade jewelry" of cultural IEK Thessaloniki and attended seminars sculpture, printmaking and riveter at IEK Mokume.

The range of colors and textures of gemstones and their combination with the metal are implemented creative challenges, highlighting the properties of materials. Her love of jewelry and her need to express through it attaches to the creations of authenticity and charm.

The desire to impart her knowledge, led her in 2004 to create a school of design and manufacturing jewelry "Emboss". Its purpose is to teach interested the art of jewelry to feel the joy and satisfaction of creating.

In Thessaloniki she has an exclusive partnership with LOLA's Art Shop.


George Eliades

In George Eliades’ paintings the desire to penetrate into the mysteries of existence takes precedence, along with his intention to interpret the world by juxtaposing colors, lines and symbols. The artist, in debate between the physical and the metaphysical, intends to spark the viewer -anyone who has some inkling- into becoming an active participant; a fellow traveller on a path of revelation of the secret essence of things. By escaping often from the stereotypes, Eliades chooses the old wooden shoetrees as a vehicle to accompany him in his artistic journey. Thus any work designed for their demanding surface, leads him an extra step further...


Victoria Koroboki

My name is Victoria Koroboki. I was born in northern Alexandroupolis. I graduated from the School of Architecture of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Αt the school of architecture I had to deal with subjects that required handcraft skills. Then I realized that excites me everything related to the artisan creation.

The combination of techniques and metals related to the different subjects is the clue that results a diverse outcome with different textures and qualities in my creations.

Painting on metal is something that excites me. Is a challenge for me to convey, as best I can, on a small scale the image which comes to enliven the cold piece of metal and finished in a special jewel that will interact with the personality of the final recipient.


Maria Theodoridou

Theodoridou Maria lives in Thessaloniki. She studied the art of silverwork in cultural IEK and then IIEK “mokume” in Thessaloniki.

She works mainly with silver and gold and during summer months lives and works in Naxos island, where she runs the workshop of handmade jewelery FLEUR D 'OR.

In Thessaloniki has an exclusive partnership with Lola's art shop.